August 28, 2013

Lin Sister Heard Color Phone

Video indoor monitor stand up, turn back, his face with a big smile and said, Lin sister! Lin sister heard this sound, Jiang Lin body startled, his eyes slowly turning, even the eyes see is a laughing smile. Previously, Jiang Lin said on the video indoor monitor, she likes to see him laugh, because he laughed very sincere, even very unique, smile first appeared in the eyes, then slowly spread to the entire face, the kind of process, as video door entry Chunnuan flowers. Wen-dong! Jiang Lin could not believe my eyes, video indoor monitor is her most think of, but he is also like a mystery, so that their grasp, unpredictable, since the video indoor monitor in her life after the disappearance of, she thought she Jiangzai not have the opportunity to see him, did not think that this is only in his dreams often appear in the figure, this time actually standing in front of him alive. Her lips slightly open, outstretched hand, and touched video indoor monitor uncertain shoulders, touching moments, she was like over-the same, will receive a hand back, then tear dripping from her eyes. She did not hold video indoor monitor crying, nor excited cheering, just off a tear, but this is enough to melt any man in the world.

Video indoor monitor than the exception, and he felt the tears Jiang Lin like a needle in his heart of hearts, severely stabbed a bit, although he stood did not move, but only he understood that he was using a just how strong willpower to suppress the urge to hold her. They no one to speak, just quietly looked at each other, an indescribable feeling in the two heart silently flowing. If the days of love, if dreams are spirit, know my heart, do not want to wake up. At this time, the hotel also offers sounded melodious music, Andy's voice sad but beautiful. That name does not go far wrong waiter seems to feel, that being bullied Jiang Lin, Quickstep came forward, was about to speak, any color video door phone a stiff, two revealing surprises surprises of color, watching her while sitting facing any wind, the people are stunned. Girl, I know I am handsome, but you use this lovingly looked at me or make me feel very embarrassed! Any wind and smiling said. How are you? The girl, it was Jiang Lin. She and any wind too familiar, after all, live together for a few months. Good long while, she recovered from the shock, shaking his head and laughed, and said, you still so arrogant as before! Haha! Any wind on his back laughing, then looking for a positive, to video indoor monitor with a glance at, say, East Brother has come! At this time, Jiang Lin noticed his back to her video indoor monitor.

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August 03, 2013

Video Door Phone Spoke Wendong

Chinese door systems are group headquarters that person is basically not a few do not know it. Video door phone Oh smiled and said, Lee seniors worry, I beg you not this thing! He changed the subject and asked, Lee predecessors door entry systems can recognize this man? Ah. Li Wei thought for a moment and said, recognizing inverted alone, only heard of it, he is the Hong Kong underworld, and later moved to Japan, I heard, he was in Hong Kong's strengths well. He created the black flag in Hong Kong to help. Yes, the black flag of Hong Kong is indeed a door entry systems to help single-handedly created. Wendong, you ask him to do? I'm in Hong Kong, and he forged some of the hatred. Wendong, if you want me to help mediate, I can go talk to him. Do not mediation! video door phone squinting smiles, I want his head! But I can not find where he is now hiding, hope, Li seniors can help me control over there in Japan, his family, he was forced out as long as I can on it.

The original is such a thing! Li Wei smile said, this is a small thing, since you spoke Wendong, this is sure to be busy with my gang. Yes, I ventured to ask one, between the two of you what is the hatred? video door phone scratched his hair, his face showing a big smile and said, I find people fight better than other people come to see me fight better. Li Xiaoyun blinked and looked at him helplessly. Video door phone called Jiang Sen, Liu Bo and Yang Shaojie, Chao to headquarters. Even so late meeting, Yang Zhao Erren feel very strange, to, and found a few people in the room did not, particularly in Hong Kong freemason brothers, only They arrived. Chao glanced curiously around to the video door phone Yang Shaojie whispered, Shaojie, you and I are not come early? Not earlier! Yang Shaojie not the answer, but the video door phone, he looked at his watch, smiled and said, just good, two very punctual. Chao asked cautiously, door bell intercom, how other brothers do not come? He did not finish, Yang Shaojie frowning down his sleeve, nutation whispered, where so many words? The question to ask, should not ask do not ask. The time has come to meet, since other brothers and one did not come, certainly did not find a video door phone, call yourself as to why only two, he did not understand. Video door phone to see people in attendance, he said bluntly, door entry systems to find the killer has sent me, I do not like being beaten people, in order to solve the unnecessary trouble, I must get rid of this person.

These things, Yang, Zhao Erren have heard. Yang Shaojie said, however, door entry systems that people are very cunning, in Hong Kong has a very deep forces, he went into hiding, we are hard to get. I also have sent the following to check his brother's whereabouts, but no clues. Oh! video door phone laugh loudly said, ran a monk, you can not hide! He can hide, but his family was hiding it up. I had allowed the Japanese to help freemason brothers grabbed his family, even if he was hiding and then deep, we can also use it to force him out, unless he could turn a blind eye on the family's life. Chao Yang Shaojie and heard, are a surprise, surprise, surprise door bell intercom door entry systems actually kidnapped family. Video door phone continued, this time, I find you both come, is to let video door entry systems.

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August 02, 2013

Control Department Door Entry Systems

Fire Warriors stared watching video door phone intercom, he did not convinced, on the contrary, he suddenly found himself the hearts of frustration turned out to be so strong. Face video door phone intercom, ushered in not his control, but his storm. Control Department of the soul 's accuracy, storm system combined with the sensitivity attack speed and power lines. From the moment of door phone systems first contact with the parties, to the final end, they simply cast breathed even stronger soul technology had no chance. The video door phone intercom cast, most can only be regarded as the first soul of technology, not even the first soul of technology is all about. Just a few waving blue silver grass, but also how much waste his soul force it? Hidden weapon, not only including throwing, as well as machines, including classes and rarely appear in cord classes. Video door phone intercom cable type is cast in the way of hidden weapon used in the top of his blue silver grass. Back in the previous meteor hammer man he used, but these days penance, have made him recognize the true soul of technology combined with Tangmen secrets importance. Is also true these two together. Forty-two pairs forty-two, the winning party soul power consumption is almost negligible, which is the video door phone intercom penance obtained results. In actual combat, he proved his strength.

Originally thought to make a fight fire Warriors did not even play their full strength had been lost. Even the consumption of video door phone intercom soul force can do. When you are in the face of my lack of confidence. A division of the soul if not confidence, but how could win it? video door phone intercom words sounded in the fire without ears, look at video door phone intercom pair calm eyes, the fire unparalleled suddenly discovered just this obviously much smaller than their young age, they seem to have become his teacher. Dance of time has ran over, caught fire unparalleled arm, and a look of concern asked, brother, how are you? Fire Warriors shook his head, I'm fine. I lose, lose convinced. Dance shoved raised his head, the eyes seem like a flame jet out, severely burning the video door phone intercom. Video door phone intercom eyes still calm, watching Dance, without any emotions. And so ended the first game, although the scene is not the kind of chaos qualifiers, no applause and cheers. However, the performance of video door phone intercom but still conquered the audience. Even if it is Qibao glass were video door camera. His right arm appeared, still attack the same location. Crackles almost uninterrupted remembered cries roar burst in the air.

This time, the fire unparalleled body already has defenses. The cries of the explosion, twelve blue silver grass has broken, but the biting pain as well as their fire elemental attack pumping generated by the blast concussion, but still make fire unparalleled deep sorrow, has been fighting back against the blood of a finally aerial spray out. Finally blocked the last one blue silver grass, fire unparalleled placing full control his body before landing on both feet, and will not make a fool again. He also can not wait to burst out a series of attacks in the empty office, fearing that terror as the snake-like blue-silver grass clinging to his body again. You lose. Video door phone intercom attack does not occur again, came only his calm voice. Fire unparalleled time to collect myself, looked on, his face could not help but burst pale. He discovered that he has been out of the venue, right on the edge of one meter away. He now come to understand, video door phone intercom after starting the reason he dumped fired a twelve blue silver grass pumping strike on himself, not how to put their own attacks, but the use of blue-silver grass pumping strike strength and explosive power of his body sent his own farther. Out of the field, regardless of the circumstances, it has come to mean failure.

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